Unicorn Jazz – Children’s Book

Unicorn Jazz – Children’s Book

The girls and I are grateful to Unicorn Jazz for sending us a book. They were so excited when it arrived. Because what girl doesn’t love unicorns? That same day we set it aside to read at bedtime.


Jazz is a unicorn who is very different from all the other animals. Her family moves and she starts a new school. Jazz is afraid she will not have any friends because she is so different. She loves to sing but fears rejection from the other animals or that they won’t like her voice. Jazz makes attempts to fit in with everyone else but forgets to love herself in the process. In the end she learns to accept who she is and is confident to sing in front of the other animals. 

This school year the girls started a new school and with any change comes stress and anxiety. The girls have been through this before when we moved states a few years ago. I know it was a big adjustment for them, that took some time to get used to. I wanted to do everything I could to make this an easy transition. This was the perfect read to get conversations started with them, about the new school and how might be feeling. We discussed the story and what they got out of the first time reading the book. They understood the message and I was so relived.

The message behind the story of Jazz, is that there is magic in everyone, and it’s okay to be different. To believe in yourself, even if no one else does. This was the exact message  I wanted to give my girls before they started this new journey. We read the book a few time before school started and I have to say they have done absolutely amazing.

I also have to mention that the books come in both English and Spanish. To my friends who still want to teach their kids Spanish or have another family member read to your kids. I always have a hard time finding books that are in Spanish for the girls. Thank you so much to Unicorn Jazz for the beautiful gift. The girls loved it and so did I. You can find their books on Amazon.

Unicorn Jazz

Unicornio Jazz


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